Electroson 608

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Frequency 1 MHz
Maximum Output 12 Acoustic Watts Max
Ultrasound Power Density 2.5 Watts / cm2
Treatment Time 0 - 20 Minutes
Mode of Operation Continuous and Pulsed
Diameter of Transducer Head 35 mm
Alarms Audio Alarm at the end of treatment with auto cutoff.
Pulse Durations 1:1 - 2 msec ON 2 msec OFF
1:4 - 2 msec ON 8 msec OFF
1:7 - 2 msec ON 14 msec OFF
1:10 - 2 msec ON 20 msec OFF
Operating Voltage 220V AC / 50 Hz
Max Power Consuption 50 VA
L x B x H 28.5 x 21.5 x 7.5 cms
Weight 3 Kgs
1 MHZ Transducer Handle assembly

Ultrasound 608 is a Solid State microprocessor based Ultrasound Therapy Unit. It is the most modern in design, sleek, compact and easy to use. Continuous and pulsed modes can be easily selected. A Digital Bargraph displays the ultrasonic power delivered to the patient in watts/cm2.

With highest quality of components and highly skilled R&D team we have eliminated the undesired heat produced by Ultrasound head thereby increasing the life of the transducer.

Product Highlights

Continuous & Pulsed

Modes of operation. The user can easily switch between continuous and Pulsed mode. The set pulse frequency is visually displayed with bright LED indicators.

Digital Treatment Timer

0-20 minutes treatment timer with digital display. The machine switches off the output automatically after the treatment is over.

Digital Controls

Touch Button & Digital Controls for easy selection of patient parameters. Continuous and Pulsed mode can be easily selected.

Bargraph Display

Bargraph Display of Output Power in Watts/cm2 is easy to read.

Safety Cutoff Circuit

Transducer safety mechanism ensures long life for the crystal by switching off the ultrasonic power when the transducer is kept in its holder and when not in use.

Waterproof Lightweight Handle

Ergonomically designed light weight waterproof moulded handle is comfortable to hold and can be used for underwater treatment.

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