Electrosurge 250EB

Endoscopy Model Surgical Diathermy
Myofascial Triggers


Modes: Cut, Coagulate,Blend and Biploar.
Monopolar CUT 170 Watts
Monopolar BLEND 100 Watts
Monopolar COAGULATION 90 Watts
Monopolar CUT 70 Watts
Monopolar BLEND 40 Watts
Monopolar COAGULATION 30 Watts
Bipolar out put 50 Watts
Operating Frequency 360 KHz
Alarms Audio visual alarms with output cutoff for Inactive cable, Active cable, Patient plate.
Operating Voltage 220V AC / 50 Hz 220 V AC, 50 HZ
Power Consuption 300 Watts
L x B x H 38.5 x 31 x 15 cms
Weight 12 Kgs
Active cable
In-active cable
Needles ( set of 4 needles)
Surgical Handle ( Autoclavable)
Metal Patient Plate
Foot Switch
Bipolar forceps with cable
Disposable Handswitch

Electrosurge 250EB is a Solid-state microcontroller based 250 watts Endoscopy model surgical diathermy unit. This model has all features of 250B with Seperate Bipolar section and provision for Hand-switch.

Electrosurge 250EB can be used for endoscopic polypectomy, the snare is energized by the diathermy with micro currents.

All our surgical diathermies comply with international safety standards.

Product Highlights

Modes Of Operation

Cut, Coagulate,Blend and Biploar

Micro & Macro Controls

Enables easy selection of power levels for Micro and Macro surgeries.

Bipolar Section With Seperate Controls

Enables easy selection and use of bipolar mode. Optionally Laproscopy probes can be connected.


can be used and is supplied with the machine.

Patient Safety

Ensures output is produced only when all connections are done properly. The patient plate Safety circuit monitors continuity of all electrical connections.

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