Vectrodyne - 100

Interferential Therapy

Muscle Stimulation

Muscle Stimulation



Number of Channels 2 Channels
Output Current 0-75mA
Output Frequency IFT
Channel I – 4000 Hz – 4250 Hz
Channel II – 4000 Hz (Constant)
2000 Hz mode also available
Interference Frequency Base – 0 Hz – 150 Hz
Spectrum – 0 Hz – 150 Hz
Sweep Patterns Triangle/Square/Trapezoidal
Vector Scanning 45 & 90 Degrees
Operating Voltage 220V AC / 50 Hz
L x B x H 30.5 x 32 x 10 cms
Weight 3.5 Kgs
Silicon Rubber Electrodes 4 Nos
Patch Cords 4 Nos
Belts Small, Medium & Large
(1 Set Each)

Vectrodyne 100 is a computerized Interferential therapy unit with advanced vector scan features. It has a bright LCD screen displaying the current in 2 channels, mode of operation, programme number and treatment time. Vectrodyne 100 has soft touch membrane keyboard for easy operation. Base and Spectrum frequency variations are clearly displayed through bar graph display. 29 programs on Interferential Therapy.

Vectrodyne 100 provides advanced features like Vector Scan ( 45 degrees and 90 degrees), automatic intensity control making it safe to use by avoiding accidental wrong settings of intensity and the on-screen "HELP" Program. Vectrodyne 100 uses a rugged linear power supply. Compact and lightweight makes the unit, PORTABLE, particularly designed to be accommodated in a Brief Case.

Product Highlights

29 IFT Programs

2 pole, 4 pole, 4 pole vector scan programs with combination of different waveform makes it truly versatile.

Base & Spectrum

Base & Spectrum controls are used to promote effective penetration and pain relief.


Displays the Interference spectrum frequency variation on Bar graph display.


The patient can stop the machine by pressing the patient switch should there be any discomfort.


To even minutely vary currents between the 2 channels.


Produces output only after Intensity is set to Zero with audio alarm. This prevents a patient from accidentally receiving a high intensity that was set previous patient.


2 KHZ and 4KHZ operating frequencies are available.

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