Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator

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Diagnostic model current controlled Muscle stimulator with digital display of output current. Constant current is maintained independently of contact resistance.  Constant current pulses of Controllable amplitude and duration are precisely generated at .01,. 03,. 1,. 3, 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300 ms at one pulse per second and is provided with a current meter giving direct indication of current even while treatment is being given, thus eliminating the need for switching the patient to meter circuit each time the current is to be estimated.  The unit can be used to plot intensity duration curves.  Plain Galvanic current is also provided.  A Faradic section is also built in with plain and surged Faradic output which makes Electrostim-DT a very useful instrument for diagnosis as well as for therapy.


Product Highlights

Galvanic DC

Plain ripple free D.C. with variable amplitude.

Interrupted Galvanic

Rectangular pulses of 10ms, 30ms, 100 and 300ms duration at a repetition rate of 1 pulse per sec.

Plain Faradic

Faradic pulses of 0.7 ms with pulse repetition frequency of 40 per sec.

Surged Faradic

Faradic pulse of 0.7ms pulse duration with repetition frequency of 40 per sec. Surge rate variable from 0.8 sec to 3 secs. With fixed rest period of 0.5 sec.

Digital Display

Digital Display of Output Current makes this machine suitable for diagnostic purpose for plotting SD curves.

  1. Galvanic DC
  2. Interrupted Galvanic
  3. Plain Faradic
  4. Surged Faradic

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