Interferential Therapy
  • 29 IFT Programs – 2 pole, 4 pole, 4 pole vector scan programs with combination of different waveform makes it truly versatile.
  • Base & Spectrum – controls are used to promote effective penetration and pain relief.
  • SMART FEATURES – Computerized programs ensure that the machine produces output only after Intensity is set to Zero with audio alarm. This prevents a patient from accidentally receiving a high intensity that was set for the previous patient.
  • SAFETY FEATURES – The machine produces output only after the electrodes are connected to the output channels and after the patient is loaded again preventing patient from receiving shock.
  • INTENSITY BALANCE –To even minutely vary currents between the 2 channels.
  • OPERATING FREQUENCY –2 KHZ and 4KHZ operating frequencies are available.
  • SPECTRUM INDICATOR – Displays the Interference spectrum frequency variation on Bar graph display.
bullet No of Channels : 2 Channels
bullet Output Current : 0-90 mA
bullet Output Frequency : IFT
Channel I - 4000Hz-4250 Hz
Channel II 4000 Hz (constant)
2000HZ mode also available
bullet Interference Frequency : Base – 0 Hz –100 Hz
Spectrum – 0 Hz – 150 Hz
bullet Vector scanning : 45 & 90 degrees
bullet OPERATING Voltage : 220 V AC, 50 HZ
bullet Mounting : Table, wall mountable or cot mount.
bullet L x B x H : 30.5 X 32 X 10 cms.
bullet IWeight : 3.5 kgs.
bullet Silicon rubber electrodes : 4 Nos
bullet Patch Cords : 4 Nos
bullet Belts : Small, medium, Large(1 set each)