Compact Computerised Muscle Stimulator With Tens
  • SMART FEATURES – Computerized programs ensure that the machine produces output only after Intensity is set to Zero with audio alarm. This prevents a patient from accidentally receiving a high intensity that was set for the previous patient.
  • 73 PROGRAMS - Enables user to select accurate pulses with pulse width for treatment in fraction of seconds.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY OF OUTPUT CURRENT – SD curves can be plotted. Output current can be set accurately.
  • SURGE PROTECTION – Surge protection safety feature circuit protects the machine and the patient if high surge is sensed in the input current.
  • DIGITAL TREATMENT TIME – Microprocessor controlled digital display of treatment time. The output is switched off automatically after the treatment is over.
bullet Muscle Stimulation Modes
Plain Galvanic
Pulsed Galvanic
Plain Faradic
Surged Faradic
SD Curve programs
Triangular Waveforms(Bonus)
bullet TENS Modes
Plain TENS
Surged TENS
bullet OPERATING Voltage : 220 V AC, 50 HZ
bullet Maximum Power Consumption   : 46 WATTS
bullet L x B x H : 16 x 21 x7 cms
bullet Weight : 1.3 kgs.
bullet TROLLEY : Castor wheels based.
bullet Silicon rubber electrodes : 4 Nos
bullet Patch Cords : 4 Nos
bullet Belts : Small, medium, Large(1 set each)
bullet MST Handle  : 1 No
bullet MST Pin Electrode : 1 No
bullet MST Ball Electrode(Active)  : 2 No
bullet MST Plate Electrode(Inactive)  : 1 No