Electroson 709

Dual Frequency Ultrasound Therapy Unit

  • Ultrasound Therapy

  • Dual Frequency 1& 3 MHz

Electroson 709 is advanced microcontroller based dual frequency ultrasound therapy equipment. It combines the functions of both 1 MHz & 3 MHz. Zoomed backlight LCD panel and a soft touch membrane keyboard enables the physician to set the parameters easily.

1 MHz is used for deeper penetration and 3 MHz is used for superficial treatments. Additionally 3 MHz is used to produce thermal effects very useful in heating the muscles. Thus a combination of both makes Electroson 709 an advanced ultrasound therapy machine. 


Product Highlights


Independent 1 & 3 MHZ circuitry with separate treatment heads for 1 MHZ and 3MHZ output are provided.

Liquid Crystal Display

Liquid Crystal Display with back light displays the all the parameters, the treatment time and the output power.


Compact and light weight makes the unit portable.

Safety Features

Computerized programs ensure that the machine produces output only after Intensity is set to Zero with audio alarm. This prevents a patient from accidentally receiving a high intensity that was set for the previous patient.

Continuous & Pulsed

Continuous & Pulsed Modes of operation available. Using the soft touch keyboard controls, the user can easily switch between continuous and pulsed mode.

Waterproof Lightweight Handle

Ergonomically designed light weight waterproof moulded handle is comfortable to hold and can be used for underwater treatment. The 1 & 3 MHZ heads will be of different colours thus easily identifiable.

Ultrasound Frequency:  1 MHz & 3 MHz
Maximum Output:  12 Acoustic Watts Max.
Ultrasound Power Density:  2.5 Watts / cm2
Treatment Time:  0 – 99 Minutes
Mode of Operation:  Continuous and Pulsed
Diameter of Transducer Head:  35 mm
                Alarms:  Audio Alarm at the end of
treatment with auto cutoff.
Pulse Durations 1:1  –    2 msec ON 2 msec OFF
1:4  –    2 msec ON 8 msec OFF
1:7  –    2 msec ON 14 msec OFF
1:10  –    2 msec ON 20 msec OFF

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