Vectrostim-100 (5 in 1)

Computerised Interferential Therapy

  • Interferential Therapy

  • Muscle Stimulation

  • Tens

Vectrostim - 100 is an advanced three in one interferential therapy machine with all features of Vectrodyne - 100 plus Muscle Stimulation and TENS. Vectrostim - 100 comes feature packed with a Dia-dynamic current which is a very effective method of muscle stimulation.

Vectrostim - 100 provides a total 102 programs (29 IFT, 73 programs in MST and TENS) including 4 Diadynamic current programs. This also makes Vectrostim -100 very suitable for house visits as it has almost all programs for any pain relief.

Vectrostim - 100 provides advanced features like Vector Scan ( 45 degrees and 90 degrees), automatic intensity control making it safe to use by avoiding accidental wrong settings of intensity and the on-screen "HELP" Program.

Vectrostim -100 uses a rugged linear power supply. Compact and lightweight makes the unit, PORTABLE, particularly designed to be accommodated in a Brief Case.


Product Highlights

29 IFT Programs

2 pole, 4 pole, 4 pole vector scan programs with combination of different waveform makes it truly versatile.

Muscle Stimulator

73 Muscle stimulator programs including 4 Diadynamic programs and TENS programs.

Base & Spectrum

Base & Spectrum controls are used to promote effective penetration and pain relief.


Produces output only after Intensity is set to Zero with audio alarm. This prevents a patient from accidentally receiving a high intensity that was set previous patient.


The patient can stop the machine by pressing the patient switch should there be any discomfort.


To even minutely vary currents between the 2 channels.


2 KHZ and 4KHZ operating frequencies are available.


Displays the Interference spectrum frequency variation on Bar graph display.

No. of Channels:  2 Channels 
Output Current:  0 – 75 mA
Output Frequency: 

Channel I – 4000 Hz – 4250 Hz
Channel II – 4000 Hz (Constant)
2000 Hz mode also available

Interference Frequency:  Base – 0 Hz – 150 Hz
Spectrum – 0 Hz – 150 Hz
Sweep Patterns : Triangle/Square/Trapezoidal
Vector Scanning:  45 & 90 Degrees
Number of Channels: 2 Channels
Maximum Output Current: 0-60mA
Modes: Plain Galvanic, Pulsed Galvanic,
Plain Faradic, Surged Faradic programs,
s-d curve programs, Ionto,
Plain TENS, Surged TENS
Additional currents: Dia Dynamic current & Russian Current
Operating Voltage: 220 V AC, 50 Hz
Weight: 3.5 Kgs
Max Power Consumption: 50 Watts

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